Retail & Distribution

Advanced Software Solutions

In partnership with a global solutions provider, Symphony EYC, a leader in delivering benefits to distributors, retailers, and manufacturers we offer software solutions in the areas of strategy and plan development, marketing, merchandise and purchasing operations, inventory management and supply chain productivity – all aligned to a unified omni-channel customer experience.


Merchandise Planning

Localized assortment and store-specific space planning suite provides tools for intelligent store clustering, category insights, space planning and automation, macro space planning and store layout, planogram communications, and mobile shelf management.

Merchandise Management

Merchandise Management gives retailers accurate master data and unified product information to respond quickly to issues, support strategic decisions and execute change. Merchandise management for retail is focused on effectively managing assortments, purchasing, pricing, promotions, imports and inventory valuation – integrating the core retailer business processes.

Warehouse Management

Warehouse management software optimizes warehouse operations and delivers real-time visibility from order to dispatch. The comprehensive system helps manage, control, and optimize logistics operations featuring multi-site and multi-organisational capabilities.

Inventory Optimization & Supply Chain Management

Inventory and supply chain management solutions optimize your inventory levels, supply chain and logistics to support a customer-driven service delivery model – minimizing capital spend and decreasing operational costs.

Customer Centric Solutions

The key to developing a loyal and profitable customer base is first understanding the unique attributes of each customer and transforming this understanding into effective and sustainable engagement. This means defining offers that are relevant to your target customer segments, personalized based on a high-definition view of the products, pricing, channels, and services that will be most effective in developing engagement, when and where it will have maximum return on investment.

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